Worship of God that is joyful and friendly, but equally intentional, genuine, and reverent.


Come as You Are. Christ Community Church has a “Come as you are – but leave different” policy. You will find that we have no dress code apart from our desire not to call attention to ourselves so as to call more attention to God. On any given Sunday you will find people dressed either casually or in their “Sunday best” or anywhere in between. What we wear to church is not as important as what we share as the church. When we come into the presence of God we worship him with our entire being; heart, soul, mind, and strength. It is our hope that in doing so we will leave different than when we came, having been blessed and enriched by entering into the presence of God.

Joyful yet Reverent. At Christ Community Church we take joyfulness seriously. You can expect to experience friendly families and individuals of all ages and backgrounds praying together, singing to God together, and considering the Bible’s teaching together with both joy and intentionality, following hard after God in all we do as an expression of the joy we take in all God is for us and has done for us through Jesus Christ.

Rich in Content. We try not to do anything in our worship times carelessly. All our activities during worship times are given much thought and deliberation on what the Bible has to say about how God desires us to worship Him. We choose our worship music, not according to style but according to content. So, you can expect to hear a seamless variety of musical traditions drawing from the great historic hymns of the faith with their rich theological assertions as well as contemporary selections expressing the joy and love our hearts feel toward God.

Thorough Explanation. You can also expect that explanation and instruction will always be given along the way. Because we have put a lot of thought into our worship activities we want you to know why we do what we do. So, where it is appropriate play-by-play explanation will frequently be given throughout all our worship times so no one is left in the dark wondering what’s going on.

Diversity. We believe God meant for the local church to be made up of people from all socio-economic, generational, and ethnic backgrounds which are present in a local church’s given community. So, you can expect to rub elbows with all kinds of people of all ages from all kinds of places and situations. The Bible teaches that this reflects a little bit of heaven on earth, and we will be all the more blessed and all the richer for it.

Family-Friendly. We love and value the family because this reflects the heart of God. We are very patient with squirmy little-ones who are still learning what it means to worship among God’s people (a little crying or squirming never hurt anyone – we are all family here). Although child care is provided for little ones under the age of 5 during the worship time, we encourage parents to start early in training little ones to participate in the worship gatherings with the greater family of God. But we also know this takes time, patience, and help. So, to help we provide packets full of quiet activities to engage the active minds of young worshipers and encourage veteran moms and dads and grandparents to offer assistance to younger moms and dads to share the joy of “parenting in the pew.” 


Good Coffee! Where there is church there will always be coffee. But church coffee sadly has the reputation of tasting curiously similar to the detergent used to clean the pot! Hopefully, the java experience at CCC will be different. Like the Capuchin Monks of ages past who encountered the exotic drink of Arabian hospitality and introduced the rich dark bean libation to the European world, we value a good strong cup of quality ‘joe’ while the fellowship and laughter between us flows. We believe offering that which is of good quality is an expression of hospitality, which ultimately is glorifying to God. So, please come and have a cup on us…