Love Your City Well

Last Fall my wife and I had the privilege of attending the Biennial Meeting of our affiliate churches of Converge MidAmerica held at a church in a southern suburb of Chicago. All of the speakers and break-out sessions were inspiring and informative. As these things go however, a few major points will be made at such conferences that just "stick" with you. One session we attended was entitled "How to Reach Our Increasingly Multi-Cultural Population" by Pastor Garryn Scheske of Heartland Church, Indianapolis. His main point? He said they never set out to plant a "multi-cultural church." But, he said, what they did do was to "Love our city well." We have taken this to heart. As Christ Community Church publicly launches out into Dearborn, our city, we are committing to love our city - the whole thing and everyone it it - well. That's why I'm excited that one of my first public re-introductions to my hometown comes in the form of an article I was asked to write for the Dearborn Free Press. Have a read at: