Are you a Christian looking for a church family to call home or someone who is just curious about Christ Community Church and the faith we profess? No matter who you are, you are welcome to come and see for yourself. The people of Christ Community Church are very welcoming and invite you to consider visiting one of our gatherings at 10:30 AM Sunday’s (click on “when, where, & who” to the right) or one of our weekly home groups (called "Gospel Communities"). Feel free to contact our leadership directly - we'd love to meet you (click on "connect w/ccc" below).

The people of Christ Community Church have...

...discovered faith 

Having "faith" is talked about a lot but rarely defined. We have discovered that it really does matter what or who you put your faith in. In fact, we have discovered that humans were designed to put their faith in something. We can put our faith in things that ultimately won't last or satisfy (and in the end become destructive). Or we can put our faith in the One who will satisfy forever and never let us down: God himself. The Bible contains within its pages a message of good news. This good news tells us that God in his love provided a way to be free from the bent we all have to put our faith in self-destructive things and the hopeless state this leads to (offending God and being consumed by our own sin). The good news is that God sent a rescuer to deliver us from our God-offending and self-destructive state, and to show us how to put our faith in that which gives life. This rescuer is Jesus and the good news about him is called the "Gospel." We invite you to discover faith with us according to God's good news too.

...recovered hope

When we do discover that ultimate, life-giving, object of our faith (God's gift to us in the person of Jesus), this gives us a hope for the future that we never dreamed possible before discovering faith. The Detroit area has experienced some bleak times recently. Our country and our world seem to be in the grips of fear. But when you discover faith in what God has provided us in Jesus you recover hope in what he promises for tomorrow; a hope that sees beyond all fear and revitalizes your life. We invite you to recover  this hope with us - a hope for tomorrow that gives you strength for today.

...uncovered God's unfailing love

All of this is possible because God chose to love people who were lost and wandering in their sin. Before God loved us we were preoccupied with our own selfish ambitions, our own agendas, our own appetites; we had no time for the very God who made us and to whom we belong. We had put our faith in everything but God. But when God loved the unlovely, he did so at great personal cost to himself. God's love brought our faith, hope, and love back to life. This is what the good news (i.e. Gospel message) is all about. We invite you to uncover God's love with us - a love that will never fail you or forsake you. Won't you consider taking us up on our invitation? Consider visiting one of our gatherings, bring your questions and concerns, put our hospitality to the test, and be prepared to discover...recover... and uncover what God has in store for you.