What are Gospel Communities?

Part of the heartbeat of everyday living as followers of Christ is that we do our day-to-day living together. Being the Church means we don't live in isolation from each other throughout the week. This is because God has designed us to live in community - in relationship with others - meeting one another's needs. But if we are not careful we will fall back into life-patterns that push us to live according to the self-oriented bent within us and become driven by our desire to idolize privacy and value the pursuit and fulfillment of our own rights above all else. 

Gospel Communities are a practical way to push back against this individualistic bent. There are currently GC's that meet in two Dearborn homes. It is the vision of Christ Community Church to initiate these midweek gatherings in people's homes in every definable neighborhood across Dearborn. These neighborhood gatherings of around 10 to 20 people consist of individuals, couples, and families, from all kinds of backgrounds. Together these people are regularly engaged in prayer, studying God's word, exercising hospitality, and spreading the knowledge of God's story and glory (and starting additional Gospel Communities as they grow).